Aliza Fried’s Zimmers

  • עליזה פריד
  • עליזה פריד

Within a short walking distance from Rashbi’s gravesite, stands a lovely accommodation complex owned and operated by Aliza Fried. We offer a variety of beautiful guestrooms suitable for couples, groups and families.

Our suites are truly charming. The “nut tree” and “loquat tree” are full of indulgence and geared for couples. The large and delightful “olive tree” cabin is suited for families and groups up to eight people, and the sizable “palm tree” apartment can accommodation up to 20 guests.

All units have full A/C, Shabbos timers, shower and bathroom, fully-equipped kitchen with hotplate and urn (not one but a few), as well as bed linen, towels and shampoos.

beds: 30

private rooms: 7

dining Room

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  1. Shira says:

    We are a group of 15 girls, please can you let me know if you have availability this Shabbos?

  2. yehudit says:

    looking to stay in meron on march 26 for cheap price thanks

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