Achuzat Shiv’at Ha’minim

  • אחוזת שבעת המינים-26-טלחופש
  • אחוזת שבעת המינים-26-טלחופש

A huge, luxurious villa with breathtaking views is awaiting you in the heart of the Galilee mountains, within a short 10 minute walk from Rashbi’s gravesite. We also have stylish and perfectly cozy vacation rentals equipped everything you could possibly need to enjoy a great family vacation

On the top floor of the mansion will find a very luxurious penthouse unit with adjacent roof terrace overlooking the spectacular views of the Galilee mountains.

The penthouse unit can comfortably accommodate the parents with 5-6 children.

In addition to the main mansion, we also offer a few divided units suitable for a couple with up to 3 children.

The mansion features a spacious dining room or up to 40 people (for additional charge).

Please note: our special pricing is not applicable during the high holidays and “Bein Ha’zmanim”.

Hurry up and book your amazing vacation

beds: 35

private rooms: 8

large dining Room

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