Shoshana Klein’s Guestrooms

  • חדרי אירוח שושנה קליין
  • חדרי אירוח שושנה קליין

Shoshana Klein’s compound of apartments and guestrooms in Meron is a paradise full of Scandinavian charm.

We offer 12 log cabins and apartments, all of which are centered on large, beautifully maintained green lawn, with olive trees and swings.

The spacious cabins can accommodate couples, groups and families with children. We are convinced that you value the serenity of the Galilee and enjoy the cordial hospitality just a short walk from Rasbhi’s gravesite.

Each apartment and cabin has Shabbos timers, A/C, comfortable beds, shower & bathroom, fully-equipped kitchen with hotplate, urn and two sets of dishes (Milchig & Fleishig). Each unit has its own private garden with garden furniture and BBQ.

beds: 66

private rooms: 8

dining room: no

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  1. Esther says:

    Hello, I would like to enquire about renting accomodation for 5 people for Shabbos 29th December.
    Please let me know what you have available & the prices.

  2. Esther says:

    I am inquiring about Shabbat July 7th, כד תמוז Parashat Pinchas
    how much would Shabbat cost for a family of 15 people?
    Does it matter how many of these are adults, children or babies?

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