• זליקוביץ47-טלחופש
  • זליקוביץ47-טלחופש

Accommodation in Meron is always Zelikovitz at Meron.

Because when you want to indulge when you want to relax when you want to truly enjoy so the accommodation Zelikovitz in Miron is just the place.

The accommodation Zelikovitz in Miron has 14 guest rooms everyone finds them at least one corresponding to his needs individual travelers, families and couples groups roll.

Among the accommodations fresh lawns shaded seating areas with pergolas hammocks and swings.

In advance you can get BBQ.

All accommodation features Zelikovitz in Miron spacious, air-conditioned and fully equipped distinct in size and in number of beds where.

Guests of the complex enjoy plenty of treats a rich and delicious breakfast kosher on behalf of my daughter. While women enjoy a variety of alternative treatments in complete privacy and in advance.

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General properties:
  • בכל צימר מיזוג אוויר מלא, מקלחות ושירותים צמודים, פינת אוכל ומטבחון מאובזר בפלטה ומיחם לשבת, כיריים גז ותנור לבישול, מקרר, מיקרוגל, פינת שתייה חמה וקומקום חשמלי וארוחת בוקר.
Outdoor playground:
  • גינת דשא עם נדנדות וערסלים רומנטיים, שולחנות וכיסאות, פינות ישיבה מוצלות בפרגולות רחבות ואפשרות למתקן ברביקיו בתיאום.
Properties and nearby activities:
  • המתחם סמוך לבית הכנסת של מושב מירון, למקווה הטהרה, למרכולית ולמגרשי הספורט.


  1. Esther says:

    Hello I would like to enquire about accomodation for 5 persons for shabbos 29th december.
    Please let me know about prices & availability

  2. Shira says:

    We are a group of 15 girls, please can you let me know if you have availability this Shabbos?

  3. Esther says:

    I am inquiring about Shabbat July 7th, כד תמוז Parashat Pinchas
    how much would Shabbat cost for a family of 15 people?
    Does it matter how many of these are adults, children or babies?

  4. Gita Stern says:

    Are you available this Shabbos for 4 adults and 8 children? Friday and we will leave Motzei Shabbat how much does it cost without food

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