Achuzat Levin

  • אחוזת לוין19
  • אחוזת לוין19

Levin Mansion invites you to enjoy the spectacular views of mount Meron, Safed, and mount Hermon. Our spacious mansion provides a sense of calm and tranquility where you will have a laid back vacation in the peaceful atmosphere of the upper Galilee, close to Rashbi’s gravesite.

In the compound you will find spacious apartments for couples and families. The units are air conditioned and well equipped, with Shabbos timers (separate for A/C and lighting fixtures), Jacuzzi, shower & bathroom, dining area and fully-equipped kitchenette with hotplate and urn, electric stove, refrigerator, and electric kettle.

The courtyard is well-maintained and private, and has seating areas, children’s play facilities, large picnic tables, swings and BBQ.

We are located in the center of Meron, near the Shul and grocery store.

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 beds: 39

private rooms: 5

dining room: no

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  1. Esther says:

    Hello, i would like to enquire about accomodation for 5 persons for shabbos 29th december.
    Please let me know your prices.

  2. דוד שילר says:

    שלום וברכה
    מעונינים לבוא לשבת ומוצאי שבת, אנחנו זוג
    מה המחיר?

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